Why Do You Need Professional Hair Extensions

by Neil on July 1, 2023

Different Applications of Professional Hair Extensions !



Professional Hair ExtensionsIt is much better to have an expert hair stylist to attach professional hair extensions on your hair than attaching them yourself. These hair stylists may have some tips and techniques that you do not know. That is why professional hair extensions are more durable and look better compared to those which are done at home.


There are various professional hair extension applications to use depending on the length of your hair and the additional volume that you may want to achieve. You also need to know that some of these methods could be easy to remove and some are not. There are some that could provide damage to your natural hair and there are some that are safe.


Professional Hair Extensions-Glue Based Extensions

Glue-based extensions involve gluing or bonding small portions of hair extensions on the hair. If you saw Mel Gibson’s hair in the movie “Braveheart,” his hair in the movie is a good example of professional hair extensions. The main goal of this hair extension is to add length and fullness to the hair. The hairstylist will have to use some amounts of glue and hair in the procedure. Few amounts of professional hair extensions are needed to make it look as natural as possible. Professional stylists will only use glues of high quality and are especially designed for hair extensions. Once you see that the stylist is pulling out a wood glue bottle, you should already go out of the salon.


Professional Hair Extensions-Cornrow Track Hair Extensions


This is one of the traditional methods of putting the hair together. The natural hair will be braided into patterns of cornrows. This can be done in circular pattern or starting from front to back. The trails are then sewn onto the cornrows. These trails must be done in an overlapping manner to and the sections between the cornrows should be concealed. The trails should be perfectly straight and not crooked. The stitches must be uniform, small and tight, and the stylist should prevent loose stitches along the way. Once finished, you should not see any stylist’s thread on the hair.


Professional Hair Extensions-Clip On Hair Extensions


These professional hair extensions are for those people who want to have longer hair instantly. Professional stylist will be able to place the clip on hair extensions properly. They can also style the hair in the right manner that will benefit the hair extensions. For example, you may add a bright blue or bright pink extension and just leave it to hang. Any good stylist can attach the hair extension and then style it in a perfect French twist. You can also perform a French braid over the top of your head and the extension sewn all throughout the braid.


If you want to  hair extensions to improve your hairstyle, first thing you have to do is to go to a professional hair stylist. They can analyze the condition of your hair and recommend what type of hair extension is well suited for you based on the type of your hair and health as well. They can also discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of application so that you can choose what is best for your hair. Professional hair extensions make your hair look natural and stylish.

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