What You Should Know About Hair Extensions Prices!

by Neil on July 11, 2023

Hair Extension Prices……..


hair extension pricesChanging your hairstyle is probably the best way that you can show off your glam look. Have you seen your favorite Hollywood celebrities having different hairstyles in various lengths now and again? The reason why you always see them in varied hairstyles in different lengths is because of hair extensions. Because of these, many women with short or thin hair can now have fuller and longer hair in just a matter of minutes. You just have to buy hair extensions with good quality that will perfectly fit you. You also have to follow the right tips in attaching them to your natural hair. Hair extension prices will depend on the length, type and brand.


Hair extension prices can be around $200 to $2,000 depending on the style that you want. Basically, the thicker and fuller the hair, the more expensive it will be. As of now, hair extensions from India are the ones which are in demand these days. They are usually thick, full, beautiful, dark and very silky. Since not all women can afford $2,000 worth of hair extension, the best option for them is the synthetic hair extensions. They may not feel like the real hair, but if you take good care of them properly, they will surely look and feel like real hair.


Hair Extension Prices Based on Hair Type

Synthetic hair extensions can cost around $200 if you know some stylist who can help fit it for you, however, you can save more money and get cheap human hair on your head if learn some few styling tips on your own. You may buy genuine human hair on tracks and look for the right length for you. You need to have some snap hair clips, thread, threading needle and scissors. Make sure that the thread that you buy is especially made for hair extensions. You can create your own hair extensions whether you want it short long, thick or thin. You may also play with different colors without damaging your own hair. Making your own hair extensions will help you save a lot of money. If you are really on a tight budget, then you have to look for ways to look at your best at a very affordable price. You may even attain that new look for a low price of $50. This is a kind of deal that you will not be able to find in a salon.


Hair Extension Prices Based on Hair Length

If you will just use the hair extensions for one night, then get an artificial hair. They are affordable and easy to remove. In addition, they are readily available in various ranges of brands. However, if you want to be seen with the same hairstyle for quite a long time, then you have to choose human hair extensions. Just remember that longer hair extensions are more expensive than the shorter ones. For instance, those shoulder length which is about 10 inch can cost around $8 per strand. On the other hand, waist length which is 20 inch can cost around $12.5 per strand.


Hair Extension Prices Based on Hair Volume

Finally, the  prices will also depend on volume.  If you choose to have partial applications, the cost will range around $400-800.  This price rate already includes the fee of the hair salon expert.  The charge for full head application is, of course, more expensive.  The cost of hair extensions for full head application can cost around $1,500-$2,500. Now that you have some basic idea about hair extension prices, you can buy one to get that instant glamorous look.

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