What You Should Know About Clip In Hair Extensions!

by Neil on June 30, 2023

Clip In Hair ExtensionsIf you want to have gorgeous flowing locks in just a matter of hours, why not consider clip in hair extensions. These hair extensions are perfect when you need to look pretty in a party, a date or any other events. They will give you a different look instantly. They are usually cheaper compare to permanent hair extensions. You do not have to worry because they will not damage your natural hair; however, you need to remove them at the end of the day.


These clip-in hair extensions are includes a number of strands of hair which is individually attached. The four-inch wide strands are commonly attached at the back of the head in various layers and the two-inch wide pieces are attached to the sides. Each of these strands is clipped to your natural hair. Once you get used to it, attaching clip in hair extensions will be easier. They are available at 14,” 16,” and 18” piece extensions and anything which is longer than these sizes will already put pressure on your natural hair.


Can Anyone Wear Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are perfect for women who have shoulder length hair or even longer. Those who only have medium length hair, clip in hair extensions can definitely turn them into longer locks. If your problem is your fine textured hair, clip in hair extensions can make it fuller and richer. Women with really short will not be able to use clip in hair extensions because they can only appear natural once they are combined with the natural hair. If your hair is short, people hair extensions will only be obvious. The best thing to do is purchase a hair piece which has the same color as your hair. Designers’ hair pieces usually have high quality and they look like the natural hair that no one will ever notice that you are wearing a hair piece. If you are not qualified to wear a hair piece, you can choose salon made hair extensions which are glued or braided to your natural hair. These extensions can stay for many months; however, they usually are more expensive than clip in hair extensions.


Do Clip In Hair Extensions  Look  Natural

Hair extensions will look natural depending on the quality. There are hair extensions that are made from human hair and there are some that are made from synthetic fibers. Extensions made from synthetic fibers are commonly more affordable; however, they sometimes do not look right. Clip in hair extensions made from real human hair appears very natural. If you try to research for them online, you will see a lot of good brands. The best thing to do is to choose the ones coming from a popular hair maker like PutOnPieces, Raquel Welch or Diva in a Box.


These extensions will be mixed with your own natural hair so it is very important it will match your own hair. You have to perform the matching at the salon and not at our own home. To make them curl, you can try using hot iron on your extensions.


Price Of Clip In Hair Extensions

The price will depend on the material that is used for hair extensions. Those which are made from synthetic fiber can cost less than $100 and for real human hair, it can cost around $200 to $400. Clip in hair extensions are a good investment as they radically change your look within minutes.

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