? Tips for Using Clip in Human Hair Extensions!

Tips for Using Clip In Human Hair Extensions!

by Neil on June 26, 2020


What Is Clip In Human Hair Extensions?


Clip in Human Hair ExtensionsClip in human hair extensions appear as weft pieces of hair strands in different widths. If you purchase this kind of hair extension, you will find 11 pieces of clip in human hair extensions. Now, five of these pieces measures about seven to eight inches across and each of them has 3 special snap hair clips. Another six of them are pieces of hair extensions for the sides, three for the left and three for the right side. These side pieces are two inches wide and also come with their own snap grip. These snap clips are very strong and you need more pressure to be able to release them. This is to make hair extensions stay securely  in place.


There is a chance that you might need a two color of hair extensions, so this would involve two colors hair together. This will involve sewing the wefts together. If this is the case, this would normally cost twice the normal price. There will still be 11 pieces of wefts but the two colors will be sewn together properly at the edge.

How To Use Clip In Human Hair Extensions?

In fitting the clip in human hair extensions to your head, the seller will usually use hair straightener to help straighten out any bump out of your hair. This is important in order to blend the natural hair with the hair extensions naturally.


Clip in human hair extensions come with durable snap hair clips that holds the hair securely. You may probably feel quite odd when you put them on for the first time. It would take about 15 to 30 minutes to put them on and it would take 40 minutes before you can feel that it had settled on your head. It seems the warm temperature of the head will make the hair extensions drop into the right position naturally.

Styling With Clip In Human Hair Extensions

You can do a prettier style if you try to return to the hair after an hour of being on your head. It is at this point that the clip in human hair extensions will feel more like your own hair because you have gotten used to the extra weight. You can finish the styling and make use of a hairspray once you already arranged the hair according to your style.


It is much better if you allow yourself to be accustomed to your new hair extensions. Most of the time the color matching is very good, but they are excellent in superior lighting, so you might prefer to wear them during evening. If you are not used to long hair, you might want to dress before you apply your hair extensions because they might get in the way. In addition, it is also better to put the bra first, or else your long hair might get tangled in it. These are just simple things that you have to remember in wearing your clip in human hair extensions.


You also have to practice opening and closing the snap clips for a few times to be able to get used to them. Do not try to pull the clip-in extensions without releasing the clip completely. These clips are usually pain free provided that you snap open the clip first. Using clip in human hair extensions solves your immediate need to solve hair loss problem.

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