Tips For Taking Care of Your Synthetic Hair Extensions!

by Neil on August 1, 2023

Synthetic Hair ExtensionsCaring For Synthetic Hair Extensions…………


Searching for the right synthetic hair extensions can very difficult. Aside from that, taking care of hair extensions is harder than the normal hair. However, with proper care and attention, synthetic hair extensions will look perfectly natural.

Price of Synthetic Hair Extensions

While natural hair extensions or human hair extensions can cost you between $70.00 to $400.00( it really depends on the length of the hair as well as how much thickness you want), synthetic extensions  can cost you in the range of $50.00 to $100.00.

Best Ways To Take Care Of and Style  Synthetic Hair Extensions

Here are the best ways that you can take good care of your synthetic hair extensions.

  • You have to know the quality of your synthetic extensions. Cheap synthetic hair should not be heated that much. You can use flat irons, but make sure that heat is really low. You will surely not risk burning the synthetic hair and your real hair as well. Do not use curling irons or hot rollers because these will melt the synthetic fibers of extensions. If your extensions are made out of Thermofiber or Monofiber, it is okay to use these hair tools because these fibers can withstand heat at a given degree.
  • Make use of de-tangling spray regularly. You have to comb tangles and use this spray daily. This product will keep the hair from tangling together and from becoming frizzy. You also have to use the appropriate comb specifically designed for hair extensions. You cannot use ordinary combs and brushes because they are more likely to damage the wefts resulting to extensions pulled out or loosen out.
  • Take extra care when curling the synthetic hair extensions. Hair extensions are usually straight even if you wash them. If you want to curl them, you can use ordinary hair curlers. The first thing to do is heat some water until it is completely warm but not in the point of boiling. Dip your extensions into the water; just make sure that they are not clip-in extensions. If they are clip-in extensions, just spray warm water onto the hair and then roll the curlers into your hair extensions. Just let it dry naturally and remove the curlers when the hair is already dry. The hair should curl after removing the curlers.
  • At the end of the day, you have to wash out any styling products that you applied on your hair extensions using mild shampoo and conditioner and cold water. You may also choose a shampoo which is specially made for synthetic wigs. Since extensions and wigs are made out of the same fiber, this can also remove tangles from your extensions.
  • If you think that the ends of extensions are already frizzy, you can trim it. Afterwards, apply some oil onto the hair extensions and comb it through. Leave your hair in this condition for one hour and remove the excess oil out of the extensions with towel. Wash it with a mild shampoo and then rinse well.
  • Replace your hair extensions before they appear ratty. After six weeks, hair extensions will usually move up the hair shaft. At this point, the will become uneven and prone to loosening up. If you are using them for the first time, you will probably decide to replace them already. If you take proper  care , these things will not happen to your synthetic hair extensions.

Here is a YouTube video on how to style your synthetic hair extension. Enjoy…………..


Enjoy using your synthetic hair extensions……………………..

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