laser hair restoration

laser hair restoration

Laser hair restoration is one of the latest treatments for hair loss. This non-surgical approach for stopping hair loss has been very effective when used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, such as minoxidil. In addition to� stopping hair loss, some patients have also started having thicker and healthier hair growth.

How Laser Hair Restoration Works

Laser hair restoration treatment is done by applying laser rays directly to the scalp. The science behind this innovative technique is that by stimulating the red blood cells in the scalp, more nutrients are provided. It�s not effective for every patient, though, and the causes of hair loss do seem to play a role in its effectiveness.

There are in-home and office treatments available for laser hair restoration. When the procedure is done by a doctor, it is known as LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy. When the procedure is done at home, a laser comb is used. A combination of both types of hair loss therapy is usually prescribed by the physician, as this has shown to produce the best results.

The Results Of Laser Hair Restoration

Even though patients may see varying levels of results in terms of hair regrowth, laser hair restoration does seem to stop hair loss in most people. Not only does the hair grow in thicker, the hair is usually much stronger, as well. To date, there are no known side effects for this procedure. In contrast, surgical hair replacement can result in infection, pain, and inflammation. Side effects of topical solutions are generally limited to a slight tingling or burning sensation.

Men and Women Can Benefit

Unlike many of the topical lotions or prescription drugs used to treat hair loss, laser hair restoration is safe for both men and women. This is considered a cosmetic procedure, however, so it�s generally not covered by medical insurance. While some doctors believe that this process only improves the thickness and strength of the hair, others physicians believe that laser hair restoration is really one of the breakthrough treatments for hair loss. As of now, it is the only non-pharmaceutical and non surgical treatment for hair loss in the United States.

Is This the Right Treatment for You?

You should speak with your physician if you are interested in trying laser hair restoration. Since this does require a prescription at the present time, your physician will explain all of the advantages and disadvantages of this laser treatment. He or she will also be able to tell you if you should also use a topical solution or a prescription drug to get the best results.

The Cost Factor

The cost can vary between $2000 to $10000. The cost of laser hair restoration procedure depends on the number of visits� you are required to make to the doctor’s clinic. In fact you need to make several trips to complete your treatment. As the doctor may advice use of Rogaine or Propecia after the procedure, you need to take that into account while calculating the total cost.


Laser hair treatment offers a unique alternative to other more invasive treatments. There is no down time, are no side effects, and more importantly, it is effective at stopping hair loss. Treatments can be completed both at home and in the doctor�s office. You may also want to consider using one of the herbal remedies for hair loss, as well. These include henna, saw palmetto, or rosemary, to name a few. A complete hair loss treatment program will give you the best results. So in over all analysis, you can safely say that, laser hair restoration is one of the best non -surgical� hair regrowth option.