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Make A style Statement With Hair Color Highlighting

by Puspanjali on February 28, 2022

Hair color highlighting

It�s so fun to watch celebrities parade in their lovely gowns and elaborate hairstyles and you always wonder if it�s possible to have the same kind of hair that they have. Actually, some of the tricks that these celebrities and their hairstylists weave can be pretty simple. Take color highlighting for instance. It�s practically the easiest hair technique that you can do to give your hair a simple change.

Highlighting is the simple process of bleaching strands of your hair to make them appear lighter than your original color. This is usually done around your face to give it visual clarity attracting another person�s eyes to focus on the face. However, depending on your style, you can design the highlights as you see fit.

The trick to highlighting is in knowing which colors will complement your hair. The most that you can do is go two levels lighter or two levels darker than your original hair color. Too much will simply look too distracting while too little will simply look too bland. If you�re not sure about how to do it yourself, you may book an appointment with your favorite salon to let them do it for you.

If you want to do it yourself (but maybe a friend can also help out in some parts), you may try three different options for hair color highlighting. First, you can simply paint the bleach directly on to the hair using a small brush. You need to be extra careful with the bleach because it can burn your scalp and your skin. Also you make sure that you segregate and secure the sections that you want to highlight before you paint so you won�t make a mistake with the other parts of your hair. Your other option is to use foil to segregate the sections while you paint the individual strands with a brush. It�s easier because it�s less messy and the bleach is contained in the foil. Foiling also allows you to bleach as close to the roots for a more complete look. The third option is to use a plastic cap with small holes through which you thread you hair and then apply the bleach. This is an outdated mode of highlighting and even salons don�t make use of them. They are however available in home kits.

Highlighting your hair will certainly bring new life to your hair and with it a boost of self-confidence only when done right.

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