hair restoration shampoo

hair restoration shampooThere are many products and procedures available today to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. Hair restoration shampoo is very popular in this regard. Many men and women choose this over other products and procedures because it much less expensive; however, does it really work? If you want some effective´┐Ż hair growth tips, I would recommend a good shampoo that contains ingredients to promote hair growth to begin with.´┐Ż Below is´┐Ż some further information about this type of shampoo and whether it can help you have a healthy full head of hair.

What Is In Hair Restoration Shampoo?

Before you start your search for a shampoo to help you regrow you hair, you probably need to know what to look for in the shampoo itself! There are several brands of shampoo available today that claim to help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Many shampoos contain botanicals that work to block DHT from entering into the hair follicle. The types of these botanicals and herbal remedies vary, depending on the brand of shampoos. Most of the shampoos that contain these DHT neutralizing botanicals do produce some results. About 30% of men using these shampoos three to four times a week will see results. Only about 5% of women will see results. However, improvement is usually seen within a week or two, which is better than with some of the other treatments.

Another type of hair restoration shampoo contains thymus peptides. The premise behind these shampoos is that it deep cleans the hair follicles and unclogs the pores on the scalp. This results not only in healthier and thicker hair, but has also been shown to impede hair loss and promote regrowth.

Some of the other hair restoration shampoo products contain triclogen or ketoconazole. Triclogen thickens the hair shaft, making it appear as though you have more hair. Ketoconazole is a bit different. It stimulates the hair follicle to promote hair growth. This type of shampoo does take a bit longer to see results than the botanical shampoos for hair loss. It can take several weeks or even months to see results.

How Often Should You Use a Hair Restoration Shampoo?

Most products instruct you to use the shampoo at least three times a week. Once you quit using the shampoo, your hair loss will start again. This is also true of topical solutions and prescription medications for hair loss. The only permanent solution for hair loss is surgical hair replacement. This surgery is not without risks, but those risks are rather minor. The main disadvantage to this type of surgery is the cost.

A Final Thought

Hair restoration shampoo is worth using to see if you are one of the lucky people who will experience hair regrowth or at least, lesser hair loss. Most pharmacies carry these shampoos over-the-counter. You can also find several brands available online. The prices can range from $6 to $50.

Since the product must be used regularly to see significantly results, the cost can become prohibitive for some users. If you are not happy with the results from this type of product, you may want to speak with your physician. He or she may be able to determine the cause of your hair loss and provide suggestions on the best treatment.