? Hair Restoration For Women

Hair Restoration For Women

While options for hair restoration for women are more limited than they are for men, there are significantly more options available for women today than there were only twenty years ago. It really wasnít long ago that the only option a woman had to hide thinning or balding hair was to buy a wig. Most women will tell you that they would prefer to have a program for hair restoration for woman rather than a wig on their head.

Causes of† Hair Loss In Women

Some of the causes for hair loss for women are the same for men. Like men, women too suffer from androgenetic alopecia. There are other causes though, such as traction alopecia, which is caused by extremely tight braids, ponytails, and other hairstyles that cause the hair to get pulled tight. Medication too can cause hair loss, as can the hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy.

One of the main differences between the way that men and women lose their hair is that a woman usually does not lose it in a set pattern. Thinning hair usually happens all over the scalp.

One of the major disadvantages with womenís hair loss is that hair implants arenít that successful. There are also some hair loss treatments that are not safe for women.

Hair Restoration Products for Women

One of the best products for hair restoration for women is Minoxidil. This is a drug that has been approved to slow hair loss and it causes no adverse reactions in women. Minoxidil products are applied to your scalp twice a day. There are two different strengths available. Most women are advised to use the 2% solution. Research has shown that this is more effective for hair restoration for women than the stronger strength. This type of product is effective at stopping hair loss, but it also can help regrow hair in some patients.

Minoxidil is different from Finasteride, which is a prescription medication that is not safe for women to use.

Your Physician can Help

While you may be rather embarrassed to speak with anyone about your thinning hair, it is important to speak with your doctor about it. There are several reasons why a woman may start to lose her hair and if the cause is not treated, then you may be using the wrong treatment. Your physician can run a few important tests and determine the best course of action.

Generally, while there are only a few reasons for hair loss in men, women are subject to more causes. Unfortunately, there arenít as many options for hair restoration for women as there are for men. It is important that the correct cause is identified. This is why you really should speak with your physician.


Hair restoration for women is possible but there just arenít as many options for treatment as there are for men. However, the options that are available are certainly worth a look. Donít just live with thinning hair or decide that you need a wig. Instead, consider a womanís hair restoration program that works.

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