hair perfumes


Hair PerfumesHair perfumes can be a lot of fun. Before you buy any hair perfumes though you need to decide what type of smell you are going for. If you get the wrong type of smell you may convey a message that you do not want to send to others.


If you are young and playful then you are safe with just about any product that is available. For those of you that will be wearing this to work or another serious environment you may want to get a dark musky type spray. Let’s now go on to look at a couple of different options that are available.


Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume


When it comes to hair perfumes this product is stick with you almost all day long. It is also great as a finishing touch to help tame those annoying fly away hairs. The scent is light so it will not overpower those around you or make you sick.


Once you get this product on your hair you make notice that it has a more vanilla-like smell than it does in the bottle. You will also notice that your hair is smoother and that this product is cheaper than many of the others that are available.


Dessert Beauty Hair and Body Midst


This is a fun and interesting blend by Jessica Simpson. If you love smells such as French vanilla, caramel, milk chocolate, and coconut then this may be just the thing for you.


When it comes to hair perfumes this product is usually for the younger crowd. It is glittery and smells fruity and fun. One annoyance is that you have to shake it well since there are so many sparkles in the product.


Make Your Own Hair Perfumes at Home


If you decide that you do not want to spend any money on hair perfumes in the store or online then you can always make your own. You do not have to be super talented to mix up something that smells good.


One of the easiest things that you can do is great some water and chop flowers up into the water. Grate the flowers with a cheese grater and mix with the water. Leave this combination over night and in the morning you can bottle it as perfume.


A mixture which is called Amaze is another simple option for you to try. You are going to need distilled water, hypericum, performatum, vodka, cypress and rosemary. You mix these together, leave over night and then put them into a dark spray bottle. The darkness of the bottle will enable the freshness to be maintained.


There are plenty of other recipes that you can do yourself at home. One of the cool things about hair perfumes is that sometimes you are playing around with different scents and you just make something that smells great.


Buying hair perfumes is of course the easiest way to get the product that you want, but some people enjoy making their own. You have to choose what is right for your, your needs and your time limitations. Hair perfumes are a great way to have nice smelling hair fast.