Tips To Prevent Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

by Neil on December 25, 2021

Hair Loss After Pregnancy| Is It Inevitable?

Post pregnancy hair loss is  one of the most common causes of hair loss in women. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body undergoes so many changes that it takes the body a while to fully adapt and stabilize itself. Hormonal changes are prevalent during pregnancy and common symptoms include emotional upheaval (one minute you’re ecstatic the next minute you’re depressed) and physical changes like fuller breasts, facial breakouts and hair loss.

Most of these indicators usually disappear after pregnancy, about 3 months, when the body begins to balance itself out. There really isn’t anything at all you can do while pregnant to prevent these things from happening except to accept them as part of the whole process and to live with them for the time being.

Hair loss, for instance, can be an unsightly side effect of pregnancy much like the weakening of the teeth. The reason for this lies in the body’s nutritional requirements which draw on all bodily sources to help protect and nurture the baby while it lies in the mother’s womb. In this manner, the nutrients that should have gone to the hair, the teeth and even the brain are all diverted to the baby.

So what can you do to prevent hair loss while pregnant? You need to fortify your body with vitamins, either through food or health food supplements. Some women have also experienced a change in the quality of their hair while they’re pregnant. Some say that their hair has gotten limp or dull and won’t respond to any kind of styling whatsoever. All these may also be traced to the changes in your body.

Now, you wish that after pregnancy, the hair loss problem will sort itself out. True enough it will but it may take as much as 3 months depending on how fast your body regains its strength. One effective way to speed up the process in healing your hair loss problem is to have your hair cut after pregnancy. Cutting off the hair means that it will take a shorter time for the nutrients to travel to your hair for nourishment. This means, the shorter the hair, the faster you heal.

You still need to continue to drink your vitamins and maybe attempt at conditioning your hair yourself or through a salon, not just to get your hair in shape but it will also make you feel good about yourself. Looking good and feeling good will beat the post-pregnancy blues too.

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