Natural Hair Care

by Neil on August 18, 2020

If you have ever had a bad experience using a chemical treatment or if you just have dried, lifeless hair from using a blow dryer or hot iron too much, you will need to change the way you treat your hair. You probably should start searching for alternative, safer products to use on your hair.

If you start to eliminate the harmful processes and use healthier choices when coloring, straightening or styling the hair, you will in time begin to see your hair restored. You will again have the shine and bounce you desire and be happy because you are doing nothing more to damage your hair.

There are many different ways to go natural with your hair. But first you will have to decide how to change your routine for the better. Be aware of what exactly is doing the most damage to your hair.

Hair styles are a fad that may last a year. Some of these styles require things like blow dryers, hot irons and a host of harsh styling gels or toxic hair sprays that you must use everyday to maintain the look. Instead of doing all these unhealthy things, think about a new hair style. If your hair is curly and you spend hours trying to keep it straight or vice versa you may consider going natural and embrace your own individual hair type. Instead of straightening those curls purchase a product that enhances them. Or if you want to make your straight hair curly, try to use a bit of naturally made gel on your roots and show off that straight, soft hair. If you learn to love your hair type, you can save time and money and have healthier hair.

If you over color or bleach your hair, over time this can take a toll on your locks making them brittle and dry. Leaving your hair with little or no shine. If you dare put a chemical process over bleached hair you run the risk of your hair actually falling out. But there are a few things you can do if coloring is ruining your hair.

You can try a darker, organically made color suited to your features. Even though you are still using a product that changes the hair, it is better then a chemical bleach. If a plain color is not right for you, use wash out burgundy or red tint for added flair. Henna can also be used to add a red tint to the hair.

Making your own hair color is another option. You can use household items you already have and also save money as well as your hair. Use strong coffee to get the perfect brunette shade or a mix of chamomile tea and plain yogurt to brighten up a blonde color. You can restore hair from gray back to normal by adding sage and rosemary to hot water. All these color suggestions do not do any harm to hair.

Always use naturally made hair products. Check the labels to make sure that there are only fruits and plant based oils used and that no chemicals are listed. There are many hair care products that are out now that only use ingredients that promote softer, healthier hair. Most of the naturally made hair care products also are committed to a cleaner planet and they do not do any animal testing.

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