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July 9, 2018

in Hair Care Products

Women sometimes complain about the condition of their hair. They say that it is dry and damaged and that they do not know how to correct the problem. The first thing that they should look at is the hair care products that they are using.

A lot of the hair care products that are in our local stores have a long list of ingredients that are not too healthy for us, or the environment. They are loaded with chemicals that we cannot even pronounce and yet we use them everyday. It is no wonder to me why people are having problems with these products.

Natural hair care products do not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives. The only contain plant based and essential oils. Any kind of fruit oil and things like avocado, rosemary, nettle and Jojoba oil can be an ingredient in a natural hair care product. This can be the answer for unruly, dry hair.

These all natural products are great for damaged hair because the ingredients nourish and restore the hair. Just like our bodies need nourishment, so does our hair. Replacing your regular hair product with a natural one can leave your hair soft to the touch, with incredible bounce and shine.

You will want to make sure whatever product you use, is intended for your hair type. For instance, you would not want to use a heavy cleansing shampoo with dry hair. But no matter what type of hair you have, these natural products can make a huge difference.

Komaza Care Products are naturally based and made for black people with a natural hair style. Most afro products sold in local stores contain things like Petroleum or sulfates. But Komaza uses ingredients like Aloe Vera, vitamin B5, and coconut juice. These things do not block the hair follicles or weigh down the hair, making it look greasy and untouchable. They make a natural hair style look fresh and smell wonderful. Komaza has a large selection of not only shampoos and conditioners but also styling products, serums and balms for more luxurious natural hair.

Treasured Locks is another company dedicated to selling hair products that contain natural ingredients. They strive to offer customers high quality merchandise and thoroughly test a product first, before it is sold on their site. Treasured locks hair care products are made for people of color with special needs. Anyone with any type of hair can use their products but they have the specific formulas for Black, biracial and Hispanic hair. These formulas have the extra moisture added, to make the hair stronger and healthier. Treasured locks has several types of shampoos conditioners and styling products. Along with natural relaxers and hair colors.

Blended Beauty makes hair care products for all types of curly hair. These products are also all natural and made for people of color with all types of hair. Whether your hair is fine, frizzy or kinky Blended Beauty has a product to suit you. They also have a wide selection of toddler and kids hair care products, so you will not have to shop separately for the rest of your families hair care needs.

A switch to natural may be the way to go for damaged hair. Make sure when you are purchasing any hair product to read the label carefully.

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