MOP Hair Care

by Neil on August 17, 2021

Modern Organic Products offer a line of hair care products that include everything from shampoo and conditioners to treatments for damaged hair. They also offer styling gels, shine tonics and moisturizers and all their products are individually made to accommodate any type of hair. But there are a few things that make MOP different from other hair care products.

MOP strives to deliver shampoos, conditioners and hair care products that are inexpensive, all natural and organic. In 1998 stylist David Raccuglia the founder and CEO of MOP, noticed a growing need for hair care products that not only were all natural but also organic. He also wanted to make products that actually helped produce healthier hair. His goal was to make a product that was luxurious and equal to or better than salon brands but at the same time, still earth friendly.

This company leads the way in creating a modern product, that really works. MOP has a mission to deliver these products to the public and they feel well about doing nothing to injure or damage the environment. They also do not take part in any animal testing and use alternative methods to test their products.

Only organic and food derived ingredients go into MOP products. Pears, apple juice and bananas are just a few of the natural organic ingredients. They believe that just as food nourishes the body, it can also nourish the hair and scalp. The food derived ingredients help to restore the hair and leave it shiny and bouncy.

No matter what type of hair you have MOP has a product for you. MOP has the two other types of brands to address again specific problems with the hair. They are C-system and Glisten brands.

C-System brands have antioxidants and UV protection. MOP promises they if you use C-System products, you hair color will stay bright and last longer.

Glisten brands add volume to the hair. They contain moisturizers that leave the hair soft to the touch. But the ingredients also include a shine tonic, for a glistening finished look.

All these products are labeled for a specific type of hair. If your hair is too oily or dry or If your hair is dry or damaged by a chemical process MOP has many moisture, protein and leave in conditioners. Whether your hair is straight or curly MOP has the two separate lines for each type of hair. MOP even makes a gentle, natural and great smelling pear shampoo for infants and toddlers. The whole family can use MOP products.

MOP also offers many styling products. They include Volume sprays, pomades, waxes and finishing sprays. You can use a light gel for a little hold or a molding creme for medium to high hold. Use liquid wax to add definition or C-curl to enhance natural curls.These styling products are also labeled for specific types of hair.

If you are looking for a hair care product that is organic and all natural, consider trying MOP. Not only is this product as good as the other professional brands but it is made naturally. MOP products have a refreshing scent and using the product leaves your hair looking as though you have spent the day at the salon. But most importantly, you can feel great about using a product that promises not to harm mother nature.

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