How to Wear Your Natural Hair Extensions in Different Ways!

by Neil on September 8, 2021

natural hair extensionsNatural hair extensions are the latest fad nowadays. This is because they can easily be combined to make them look as an ordinary hair. Since natural hair extensions are made from ordinary hair, they can be shampooed, conditioned, colored, teased and styled easily without the fear of harming them.


You can become an expert in your own way using natural hair extensions. All you need is some practice, creativity and patience. You have to be creative in your styling, you may want to curl it up, put them in braids or even wear it long and straight. You have various options when it comes to hair styling natural hair extensions. However, there are women who opt to choose wearing long, simple and silky.


There are some easy steps that you have to follow in order to come up with the most attractive look with your natural hair extensions. The first thing that you have to do is to keep the original hair clean. Before you attach the natural hair extensions, you have to get rid of the knots or tangles first. Comb your hair before you attach the hair extensions. You may also straighten out your own natural hair using a hair straightener then use strengthening iron on hair extensions. You have to test the heat first on few strands to make sure that you will not damage the strands of the hair. After preparing the natural hair extensions and your own hair, the next step is to clip the extensions in, piece by piece. After attaching the extensions, comb the hair carefully to make sure that the natural hair will blend well with the extensions. To get a smoother look, try using the hair straightener once again after all the pieces are attached.


If you prefer long curly locks that blow with the wind like that of Victoria Secret models, then follow these steps. Curling our hair will only shorten it and making it ends up around the ears. This is not very attractive, so if you want to achieve gorgeous curls, you need to have long hair. Before everything else, you have to apply some heat protective spray on your own hair first and then the natural hair extensions. It is also advised that you use a clipless curling iron so that your own hair will not get caught and get damaged. To achieve a natural curl, wait until all the curl extensions are attached with your own natural hair. Once you curl them after all have been attached, you will attain natural curls which is a combination of your own hair and the natural hair extensions. You will truly achieve natural curls without being obvious that you have two varied lengths of hair. You can even choose different types of curls such as wavy hair, normal curls or ribbon style curls. You may also choose to curl your hair outwards just like the sexy models during 1950s.


You can also choose to wear your hair extension in a ponytail style. Attach the lower clip in the hair pieces in a reverse position, in a way that the too of the piece goes to the bottom when you pull your hair up in a ponytail. To attain more volume, you can comb or tease your natural hair just make sure that you hide the clips carefully.


Natural hair extensions are excellent must-have beauty accessory that any women and even men can use as they are a great addition to anyone’s look.

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