How To Care For Chemically Damaged Hair

by Neil on September 15, 2020

Chemically Damaged Hair Care

chemically damaged hair“Your hair is your crowning glory”. This is a statement that you most often hear from hair commercials meant to persuade you to buy that particular brand of product because, admit it, you and everyone else want your hair to look especially beautiful. You hear all sorts of solutions to hair problems like hair fall, dandruff and visible flakes, split ends and for chemically-damaged hair. It makes you think about how much torture your hair goes through just to make you look good.

One of the worst conditions that your hair can go through is chemical damage. People don’t even realize that they’ve got damaged hair until it’s too late to do anything about it. The main cause of getting chemically-damaged hair is the over-use of chemicals, like perming and lightening solutions. Perming, coloring or relaxing your hair does not damage it per se. Repetitious applications of the solutions for these hair treatments in a short span of time, like doing a perm on top of another perm when the old one hasn’t grown itself out, can really destroy your hair. What’s bad about this is that since hair is technically not alive, it does not have the ability to repair itself. The best thing to do is not to abuse your hair so you won’t experience having chemically-damaged hair.

It’s funny, because it’s not even hard to detect the signs and symptoms of chemically-damaged hair. You’ll know if your hair is chemically-damaged when it becomes dry and feeling rough to the touch. It will feel a little bit like hay – very coarse and brittle. Another sign is that it is highly susceptible to hair breakage. You should check your brush for signs of this. You will find that your brush will be clotted with a lot of hair fibers and you’ll need to clean and remove them frequently. Also, have you noticed that it gets hard to comb or brush your hair because they easily get tangled? That’s also another sign that your hair is damaged.

To prevent further damage to your hair, you need to employ a moisture conditioning treatment for your hair until it returns to its former glory. There are many products in the market today that contain proteins and enhance moisture retention to give dry, damaged hair a new lease on life. Short of going bald and letting your hair grow anew, the best thing to do is to give your hair a break from the chemicals every once in a while. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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