? How to Add Clip in Hair Extensions To Your Hair For A Natural Look!

How to Add Clip in Hair Extensions To Your Hair For A Natural Look!

by Neil on June 29, 2023

How To Buy Clip In Hair Extensions


Before you can start experimenting with hair extensions and different hair styles with these hair extensions you need to do research and buy clip in hair extensions that is just right for your hair. Try to buy hair extensions which are made of real hair so that it will be easy for you to style them with the use of heated appliances. Those made of synthetic ones are usually difficult to style as you cannot use many electrical styling gadgets on them.

How To Use Clip In Hair Extensions

Using clip in hair extensions involve attaching them just below the natural hair layers. Once you begin installing hair extensions, first thing you need to do is to create a large section of your hair, just like what you will do when you make a high ponytail, but here, you have to leave a small portion down the base of the nape. The next thing you have to do is to attach it on the crown of your head and secure it with a clip so that it will stay properly in its place. Now, you are only left with just a little portion of your hair at the back. Get the clip in hair extensions and begin by simply clipping the correct clip into your hair first and then attach the left clip in and lastly the attached the middle clip in.


The next thing to do is to untie the pony tail section of your hair and make another high pony tail part leaving a small section again which is about an inch just above the part you just clipped in. The main objective here is to make the new layer of original hair to fall over the hair extension piece you just created while leaving you with a latest section of your natural hair to connect your second piece to. If there is no such part which is equal in measurement to help cover the back of the head part, just like the first extension piece you just did, try to work on a few little parts to help work your way towards the back of the head and attaching the side of the head, which is just above the area of the ear.


Now, part the hair again in same way and leave a small portion of your hair to cover the extension pieces you have just attached. By this time, you should be already using 2 pieces of clip extension pieces. You will need about 3 of the 2 clip sections to move around up to the back of the head.


Next, part the hair again is the same way that you did in the previous steps. Leave another thin layer of hair down to help cover the new extension clips. Then, add some few sections in a random manner. You do not have to make it look too uniform by making it perfectly lined up.


Lastly, you should have to part the sides of your head. Get a few section of your hair, maybe about 2 inches above the area of the ear and attach a small section there. Do the same on the other side of the head. Once you are done clipping the pieces in, you can now use the curling iron to style your hair. Curling the hair extensions will properly blend the natural hair with the hair extensions for a more polished look. Using clip in hair extensions is really easy way to change your look dramatically.

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