? Home Remedies To Promote Hair Growth

Home Remedies To Promote Hair Growth

by Neil on February 16, 2021

Hair Growth Home Remedies

home remedies for hair growthItís easy to tell when your hair needs a little TLC. You begin to notice several hairs on your pillow when you wake up in the morning. You notice that there are also several more strands of hair on your hair brush. Your hair has also been hard to manage lately and youíre bothered by lots of fly-aways. Your hair also feels dry to the touch. All of these signs should tell you that thereís something wrong with your hair.And you start looking for hair growth tips.

Now before you begin to panic, just realize that if youíre not taking these signs for granted, you can easily avert excessive hair loss. Depending on the severity of your hair damage, you need to treat it first before you can properly maintain it. Also, you need to determine the cause of your hair loss, if any, so that you will have a more focused treatment thereby making it more effective. If you were able to rejuvenate your hair before it got damaged, well and good. You now need to concentrate on getting back the lost hair starting with simple home remedies.

Prevention and maintenance are key elements in preventing hair loss. Once hair loss happens you need to act fast to ensure that it doesnít worsen because if it does, then hair restoration surgery is probably the only way that you can regain your lost hair. However, if youíre nipping the problem in the bud, the first thing that you need to do is keep your body in shape. A healthy body results in a healthy scalp. What you put in your body finds its way into the hair, making it shine. Keep fit by taking your daily dose of vitamins and eating green leafy vegetables because these things contribute to a healthy hair and scalp, cutting off your hair loss problem.

If you want to beef up your hair growth mission, you may also want to try several home remedies using natural oils for the hair and scalp. Amla oil mixed with coconut and amla juice mixed with lime juice are both recommended to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. Lavender oils massaged onto the scalp at least three times a week makes hair thicker and stronger. Coconut oil and almond oil have also been known to improve circulation in the scalp making it a healthy environment for your hair. Aloe vera is also a time-tested favorite for restoring hair and making it even thicker and stronger than before.

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