Hair Restoration Options And Facts

February 1, 2023

in Hair Restoration

Hair restoration issue is the outcome of� hair loss.Hair loss is a problem that affects over 35 million men and 21 million women. While most hair loss is caused by genetics, other contributory factors could include stress, bad nutrition, illness, medications, and hormonal imbalances. Hair transplant has become a multi-billion dollar industry, as both men and women want to have a heedful of healthy, strong hair. In order to meet the increased need for effective hair restoration options, there are now many products and procedures available that works very well.

What Is Hair Restoration?

The phrase �hair restoration� can actually encompass a number of a number of products and procedures. Hair transplant or restoration is the process of preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth, which most of the available treatments can do, albeit to differing degrees of effectiveness. Choosing the right type of treatment for hair loss or thinning hair will depend on a number of different factors, including your gender, age, and available funds.

Different Types of Hair Restoration

You will find a number of products and procedures available today for hair restoration. Some are more effective than others are, but most provide at least some results. Hair growth shampoos, topical solutions, prescription medications, herbal remedies, and hair transplant surgery are options that are available to you, but some are more specifically designed for men than for women. Before you decide which course of action you want to take against your hair loss or thinning hair, you should speak with your physician to determine the exact cause of the loss of your hair.

Hair Restoration for Men

There are more options available for hair restoration for men than there are for women. Some prescription medications, such as Finasteride or Propecia, are exclusively for men. This drug helps stop hair loss and has been shown to promote regrowth in some patients. Minoxidil, known as Rogaine, is an over-the-counter topical solution that stops hair loss and can promote regrowth, as well. The main disadvantage to these treatments is that stopped, the hair loss will begin again.

Hair restoration surgery is available for men and is not often suggested for women. This is because men tend to lose their hair in a pattern, meaning it is generally limited to one specific location. Women tend to have thinning hair all over the scalp. This makes procedure a poor choice for most women. However, this surgery, while expensive, provides permanent results.

Hair Restoration for Women

Minoxidil is approved for use by women and most find that it is very effective at stopping hair loss. Some women report significant hair regrowth, as well. Women also are frequent buyers of hair� shampoos and similar products that help in hair growth .They are usually more likely to try natural hair restoration treatments, such as botanical and herbal remedies. Laser hair restoration treatments are quite new, but are providing results to both men and women.

Hair Restoration Costs

The costs of hair restoration treatments can vary from a few dollars each month to tens of thousands of dollars. Shampoos can be found to prevent hair loss for under ten dollars. Prescription medications start at about $70 for a month�s supply. Over the counter topical treatments can be found for $35 for a month�s supply. Laser treatments generally cost about $2,000 for a few weeks� worth of treatments. Hair replacement surgery costs between $3 and $10 for each graft. The minimum cost of this surgery is generally about $4,000, but it can go as high as $10,000.

Natural Hair Restoration Options

There are several natural hair restoration options, including aromatherapy, massage therapy, detoxification, and herbal remedies. Some of the herbal remedies include henna, saw palmetto, rosemary, and thyme. Many of these remedies are used in the form of oils that are massaged into the scalp, but some are taken as a daily tablet or tincture. The effectiveness of these remedies varies, depending on the cause of hair loss.

Final Thoughts

There are now many hair restoration treatments available for both men and women. It wasn�t too long ago that the only available option was a wig or a toupee. No longer do men and women have to simply accept their thinning hair.

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