? Hair Care Pomade

Hair Care Pomade

by Neil on July 5, 2021

hair care pomadeHave you ever considered pomades for hair care? In fact hair care pomades are great for keeping your hair in good condition. Pomades  or hair dressings were created in the late 1800′s. They were used to control the hair. They were made with heavy waxes and lard and completely coated the hair. These products were mainly used by men. By the 1950′s Pomade was needed to maintain hairstyles like the pompadour and these waxy hair treatments were used world wide.

As hair styles changed the original pomades lost popularity and other styling products started to emerge. Although pomades were still used by older men, they were not the only hair styling product available.

Over the years pomade has changed for the better. They are no longer made with things like petroleum or heavy waxes. Essential oils and fruit extracts are now used to make these products lighter, so the hair does not appear greasy. Some pomades also contain styling ingredients and are used in the same way you would use a hair gel or molding mud. Most pomades are now made specifically made to help restore healthy hair but they can also be used to promote a healthy scalp area. If you have a dry, itchy scalp it can be soothed by using a deep moisturizing pomade.

People who have extremely curly or multi ethnic hair can really benefit from using pomades. This type of hair needs special help and pomades address these specific problems. Most over the counter hair care products do not have the added moisture and deep conditioners as pomade. So they really offer no help for such thing as a dry scalp or frizzy hair. For example, a regular leave in conditioner might help people with curly hair if the weather is normal. But if humidity is in the forecast that day, people with curls need an extra covering of moisture and curl control to avoid frizzy, messy hair. Pomades also offer a sheen to otherwise dull, flat curls.

There are many types of pomades that are available now. They are no longer only used to slick down hair. They are formulated to do many different things depending on your hair type. Here are a few of the most popular brands.

Aveda makes many kinds of pomades. These products can be used by men or women and are healthy for the hair and scalp. They have a selection of specially made humectant formulas that can help with extremely curly hair. As well as styling and vitamin enriched pomades for any type of hair.

Biosilk pomades are also made for both men and women. They have a wide selection of pomades and they cover just bout every care hair problem. They have pomades for added sheen, a silky finish and they even have a pomade if you decide to straighten your, hair for only one day. They even carry many different styling pomades. With this big of a selection, its no wonder Biosilk pomades are always in high demand.

Pomades have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. They now come in so many different formulas and they are no longer heavy and greasy. They can now improve and restore troubled, damaged hair and offer a coated, light control through out the day, leaving your hair healthier and more gorgeous then ever. Look after your hair today. Otherwise you may have look for hair restoration information if you neglect the health of your hair now.

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