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Essential Information for Hair Restoration For Men

by Neil on February 7, 2022

hair restorationWith over 35 million men suffering from hair loss, hair restoration for men is a huge industry today. Hair loss can be quite embarrassing; it can affect oneís self esteem and cause huge stress and anxiety even though it is so common today. In fact, 40% of all men will begin to experience some hair loss before the age of 35. More and more men are looking for effective ways to restore their hair to its former glory. There are few things that you should know about hair restoration for men before you choose the means to make it possible.

Most Hair Loss Is Genetic

Contrary to popular conception, most hair loss is not related to washing your hair too much or wearing a hat too often. Moreover, as little as 10% of all hair loss is due to medication, nutrition, stress, health or age. The truth is most hair loss is genetic and is called alopecia. An abundance of DHT or dihydrotestosterone in the body weakens the hair follicle, causing hair loss.

There are three factors that must be present for hair loss to occur because of genetics. The first is a presence of androgens, which are male hormones. The second is a genetic predisposition to balding. The third is time for DHT to degrade the follicles. If these three factors are met, then hair loss begins.

Options for Hair Restoration for Men

There are so many different options available for hair restoration for men. From prescription medications and topical solutions to hair restoration surgery, there are ways to slow down your hair loss or even to help you get your hair back. Not every treatment is suitable for every man. While some of the over-the-counter topical lotions are effective at stopping or at least slowing hair loss, if the treatment is stopped, hair loss will continue.

Hair restoration for men also includes hair replacement surgery. This is done by taking plugs of hair from areas without hair loss and implanting the plugs where they are needed. This surgery is not without its drawbacks. It can be painful and expensive, but the results are quite fantastic. More importantly, the results are permanent.

Speak with Your Physician

Even if you are ready to use topical lotions that do not require a prescription, you should speak to your physician. He or she can determine whether your hair loss is genetic or not and provide you with some options for hair restoration for men. This important step is often overlooked, but should be the first step in getting your hair back.

A Final Thought On Hair Restoration Options

You donít have to just live with or deal with hair loss. Instead of using techniques to hide your baldness, isnít it time that you addresses your hair loss with a medical treatment? With such a wide range of options for hair restoration for men, there is no reason why you cannot find one that will work well for you. Understanding what causes your hair loss and the possible treatment options available to you; you will be able to make a decision that meets your budget, too.

Sometimes a few simple tips really help hair regrowth. Have a look at your diet. Is it balanced enough to promote healthy hair growth? If not consult with your physician about taking supplements or vitamins. There are many essential vitamins that are vital for normal hair growth. Take a look at your life style. Stress is a major factor that is responsible for loss of hair.Try to have enough sleep and have stress free life.

Massaging the scalp with essential oils also helps. There are many natural oils that promote hair growth and help in hair restoration.

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