Effective Hair Loss Remedies

by Neil on January 2, 2023

Are you looking for some effective hair loss remedies to stop your hair fall and promote new hair growth? To have a healthy hair, you need to understand what causes hair fall as well as what contributes towards hair re growth in the most natural way. It is normal to shed a few hairs that have completed the hair growth cycle. So you need not worry if you are loosing about 50- 100 hair strands. Anything more than that is an issue and may be treated as hair loss.

Cause of Hair Loss

There are many factors that cause normal to severe hair loss. As you must be aware, stress, genetic factors as well reaction to medicine are some of the common factors for thinning hair. Other factors can be the changing hormone level in your body as you age and in case of women as they reach menopause or after childbirth. Certain skin diseases as well as vitamin deficiency also trigger hair fall.

Different Types Of Hair Loss

There are different types of hair loss and different names have been given to a very common beauty concern. There is the male pattern baldness as well female pattern baldness. There is also a common condition known as Alopecia . This results in patches of baldness or hair loss on the scalp.

What Can You Do To Stop Hair Loss

A healthy body has healthy hair. So check your diet to see that your body is getting all the necessary nutrients. You may consult your doctor for taking supplements. Lack of iron causes hair fall too. This is a common issue with many women. Taking iron supplements will help. Keep your scalp clean and healthy to promote hair growth. Some people do save off their head as a last recourse.

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