Dry Shampoo|Why Use One

by Neil on November 16, 2021

dry shampooIf you are constantly on the run because of work or family then you may profit from using dry shampoo. Sometimes you have to choose between a few more minutes of  sleep and clean hair whenever you have an extremely busy schedule. Depending on how tired you are, the sleep may win out and you will be walking around all day with dirty hair. If you use dry shampoo it does not have to be that way.


When Do You Use A Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is not to be used all of the time. You should only use this shampoo whenever you are between your normal washes. Some people go up to five days without a real water wash. If you do this though you may find that your hair looks a little dry and powdery. You will have to test it and see how long you should go for your hair and scalp type.


Knowing that you do not have to deal with hair that is oily anymore is a great feeling. You can allow yourself to get what you need to get done and have clean hair. I know it sounds too good to be true but it is possible.

Popular Brands Of Dry Shampoo

There are more than a few different dry shampoo products out there but not all of them are going to work as well as the next. You should find a product that gives you the clean that you want without a nasty smell or the powdery look on your first day.


Oscar Blandi is one brand that people have found to be very helpful. It blends in easily with your hair and disappears quickly, even with dark hair. Not only is the oil eliminated but the hair also can have more volume and shine after a proper use.


Another brand people like is called Furterer. You do not have to use much per application so the bottle can last for a while. If you can not stand smells then this is a good product for you since the smell basically goes away whenever you use this product and allow it to dry.


If you have looked at the price of the different products that are available you may not be interested in putting out that much cash for a dry shampoo. I understand that you are on a budget and do not want to waste money. Some people find it very helpful to make their own dry shampoo at home.

DIY Dry Shampoo

This process is much easier than you think. It is most likely that you already have something in your home that you can use as a dry shampoo. Take a quick look through your kitchen cabinets and see what is available.


Whenever you want to dry shampoo your hair you need corn starch, corn meal, baking soda, flour or ground oatmeal. Any of these products are going to allow you to get decent results.


Once you get the ingredient into your hair you just use your fingers to work it into your scalp. After you have worked it into your scalp really good a brush can be used to get the excess ingredients out. The nasty oil will come out as well and your hair will look cleaner longer. Using dry shampoo is a quick way to get shiny clean hair, but no substitute to regular shampoo and conditioning.

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