Do Herbs Really Promote Hair Growth?

by Neil on April 28, 2022

herbs for hair growthHerbs for Hair Growth

Have you ever used herbs for hair growth? Hair loss is an inevitable fact of life. Whether you’re in your teens or when you’re much, much older, everyone will experience  it at some stage in their life. The key to treating hair loss is to understanding what causes it in the first place. For instance, certain emotional or physical stress can trigger hair loss because the body experiences a disruption in its normal cycle. When you’re taking medication or recovering from sickness, you may also have experienced hair loss due to the medicines or because of your body’s weakened state.

Once you feel that you’re on the fast track of losing your hair, you need to explore every avenue to prevent it from happening or from getting worse. You see, once you’ve gone past the point of no return, the only viable option may be through surgery like hair transplants or hair restoration which are simply too expensive for the average person. So which hair growth tips will be most appropriate for you? You should use  herbs for hair growth.

If you’re the type that is leery of taking chemicals to boost hair growth, then you’ll probably feel safer going the natural route. There are also herbal substitutes in the market that can also help you with your hair loss problem. Most herbal products, especially those that you ingest, don’t deal directly with your hair loss but more of an internal problem that’s causing the hair loss. Take for instance, male-pattern baldness which is generally caused by the imbalance in a person’s hormones. When you drink stinging nettle on a daily basis, your baldness may be reduced and even prevented because stinging nettle blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT. DHT in turns kills the hair follicles resulting in hair loss.

Natural Herbs For Hair Growth

One of the most common herbs that is used for the treatment of hair loss is henna. For many years, henna has been used as a dye and a conditioner for hair. The henna leaf is crushed then mixed with other oils and then applied to hair. Its inherent herbal properties together with a good head scalp massage stimulate healthy hair growth.There are many other herbs for hair growth.Take for example Ginseng. It keeps your hair healthy and soft. Rosemary is another herb that help stop hair fall. Did you know Nettle is good in treating dandruff and thus improving the health of the scalp? So if your hair fall is due to dandruff, you know what to do now. In fact Aloe Vera is another plant extract that keeps dandruff away by keeping your scalp well hydrated.

Saw Palmetto is very good for treating male pattern baldness while Eclipta acts as an excellent hair conditioner and helps in keeping the hair healthy. There are some other herbs like Horsetail and Indian Gooseberry that contain lots of essential vitamins for the health of the hair. In fact there are endless array of herbs for hair growth.

Here is an interesting report that gives herbal hair recipe that uses only three simple herbs to make a solution that can stop your hair fall and promote hair growth within a very short period of time. In fact these herbs can be bought from your nearest health store for a nominal cost. You can even grow them in your backyard if you are so inclined. Here is something from the report that I found very interesting.

“It consists of just three ingredients which are boiled for ten minutes. You then strain the water and rub it into your head twice a day.”

You will find more information about the magic herbal ingredients in this report. Just click here for more info to get luxuriant hair growth.

Herbal Oils For Hair

Other herbal oils that you can use with a massage include: warm olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil,birch oil,sage oil, Chamomile oil and sesame oil. All these can be mixed with other ingredients and then massaged onto hair and scalp. Sometimes, it’s also better to leave it on the hair for as long as you can (some people leave them on overnight) for a more satisfying feeling. The best thing about using these oils is that not only does it help you treat your hair loss and improve hair growth; you also end up with beautiful hair when the treatment is finished.

Chinese Herbs For Hair Growth

Chinese use quite a few traditional herbs to treat hair loss. The beauty of these herbs is that they not only stop hair fall, promote hair growth, they also provide other benefits to your body. There are three prominent herbs that are very popular for their efficacy in treating hair fall.Let us have a look at them one by one.

  • Goto Kola: This herb while successfully treats male pattern baldness, improves memory power, blood circulation, cures sleep disorder as well as treats panic attacks.
  • Ginseng: As we have already discussed, this herb treats male pattern baldness while providing numerous other health benefits.
  • Foti: This herb not only promotes hair growth, prevents premature graying of hair , it provides many other health benefits like increased energy and vitality.

Try some of these herbs if you are experiencing hair fall. Some of these do really give fantastic result. If you have tried all cosmetic and medicines to stop hair fall without much result, you should definitely try herbs for hair growth.

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