Do Hair Growth Supplents Really Promote Hair Growth?

by Puspanjali on April 10, 2022

Hair growth supplements

Having a bad hair day can be quite frustrating for women. Imagine having a scheduled presentation at work and you can�t get your stubborn hair to cooperate. What�s more, you know that the reason why your hair is so unmanageable is that you�ve abused it so much that it�s practically at the end of its rope. How do you abuse your hair, you ask? There�s over-styling to begin with. You have gone through so many styling products like hair spray; styling mousse and even the intense heat of the blow dryer that when you liken all these products to food you�ll probably have suffered from food poisoning by now.

Speaking of food, the only way to counter-act these abusive practices on our hair is to maintain a proper and healthy diet. Sounds incredible but it are true. The hair needs the body to be healthy in order for it to be healthy as well. No matter how many conditioning products you apply to your hair, these will only make your hair look beautiful on the outside but you�ll still have a hair loss problem and new hair growth is poor at best.

Admittedly though that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not so easy and nutritious food takes a back seat to junk food. People also tend not to pay attention to what they eat especially when faced with the hectic demands of their day. So, if you can�t make the commitment to stay healthy for the sake of your hair, then at least you can take hair growth supplements that not only make you stronger physically but also contribute to the well-being of your hair.

When you simply want a boost in your otherwise healthy lifestyle or if you feel that you�re lacking in certain nutrients in your diet, you may opt for specific dietary supplements to correct the imbalance. There are many dietary supplements available to suit your needs.

You may take a two-step combination in gaining back your hair. In addition to your deep conditioners, you may also take vitamin supplements that can take care of your hair from the inside. Vitamins like B, E and C help promote blood circulation, increase the nutrition in the hair roots, revitalize dead hair follicles and hasten the hair growth process.

Other hair growth supplements include the use of herbal and hormonal medicines. Herbal supplements are an alternative for people who wish a more natural approach. Hormonal medicines target the body�s hormonal imbalances common in both men and women and which can affect the hair growth cycle.

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