Damaged Hair Treatment With Conditioners

by Neil on February 2, 2022

Deep Conditioner for Damaged Hair

You’ll probably have a breakdown when you look in the mirror and you think to yourself you’re a prime candidate for an extreme hair makeover. Your hair is sticking out in fly-away strands, is very dry and you probably don’t even remember what your original hair color was. It’s times like this that you wished you paid more attention to those extreme makeover programs so you at least have an idea what kind of treatment that your hair needs to get back its glow and bounce.

But really, the only thing you’ll need to buy (if you don’t want to go to a salon) is a deep conditioner. Much like you would pour lotion on your skin to avoid that dry and flaky feeling, your hair needs the same kind of attention. To differentiate a regular conditioner from a deep conditioner, you’ll find that it’s usually in the length of time that you leave the conditioner on that sets them apart. Your regular conditioner is a rinse-out type that you usually leave on the hair for 5 minutes or less. This type of conditioner only coats the hair and though it will not really repair the hair it will do a good job of helping you tame your frizzy hair.

Deep conditioners are those that you apply on your hair and leave on for about 10-15 minutes. They not only coat your hair but also penetrate the hair shaft, treating the hair from within. Unlike regular conditioners which you normally use after a shampoo, deep conditioners are made to be used at least once a week or once a month depending on the hair damage. Try to look for products that contain keratin, jojoba oil and aloe vera because these are the best ingredients to help your hair.

Some deep conditioners give the best results when under a heat source. So, if you have nothing like a hood dryer like those in the salons, you need to create a makeshift one with a simple hair wrap or hair cap. Right after applying the deep conditioner through the hair, particularly from the mid-shaft all the way to the ends, wrap a towel (one that’s been wet and put through the microwave to give it some tolerable heat) around your hair and leave on for 10-15 minutes. You may even wrap your hair in a plastic cap and do some exercises to naturally release the heat from your body. After this hot conditioning session, you simply rinse off the conditioner from your hair with cold water (to also close off the hair shaft). You may then wish to style it any way you want, but maybe hold off on the blow drying if your hair is still especially dry.

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