Hair Growth Tips

Hair Growth Tips That Really Work!

by Neil on June 9, 2020

Some Useful Hair Growth Tips


hair growth tipsMost people  wonder how they can make their hair grow faster, that is why they are always looking  for  effective hair growth tips . Are there really products that can enhance hair growth? There are experts who claim that there are stimulants that can improve hair growth. Once you see and read reviews and photos of people who have used these treatments and hair growth tips, you will discover that they really work. Now, let us have a look at some of the popular   tips and treatments that promise great result. Follow these hair care tips and you will see fantastic result within a very short time.



Hair Growth Tips-Food for Hair Growth

These are the foods that you can include in your diet as they  help prevent hair loss and promote natural hair growth.

  1.  Soy
  2.  Yogurt
  3.  Whole Grain Products
  4.  Carrots
  5.  Broccoli
  6.  Beans
  7.  Spinach
  8.  Dark Green Vegetable
  9.  Essential Fatty Acids
  10.  Nuts and Seeds
  11.  Fruits
  12.  Eggs
  13.  Fish

Consuming as much  of these foods as you can everyday will yield great result. You will  have  bouncy and  healthy  hair  in no time.  Try  these hair growth tips since these foods are not only good for hair, they are good for your body too.

Hair Growth Tips-Vitamins and Minerals That Treats Hair Loss

  1.  Vitamin E
  2.  Vitamin A
  3.  Vitamin C
  4.  B Vitamins
  5.  Folic Acid
  6.  Biotin
  7.  Inositol

Besides vitamins and  hair growth supplements, taking some necessary minerals is really helpful for healthy hair.  Minerals can also help in restoring normal hair growth. Here are the  minerals that you should be taking  as part of your hair loss treatment.

  1.  Chromium
  2.  Magnesium
  3.  Selenium
  4.  Sulfur
  5.  Silica
  6.  Calcium
  7.  Copper
  8.  Iodine
  9.  Iron
  10.  Manganese
  11.  Potassium
  12.  Zinc

You can take these minerals as supplements or include foods that are natural source of these minerals in your diet. If your diet does not provide your body with all these minerals in the required proportion , you should consult  your doctor about taking these as supplements.

Hair Growth Tips-Herbs for Hair Growth

If you are  experiencing  sluggish hair  growth , there are herbal formulas that you can use. These herbal remedies can  prevent hair loss and even stimulate fast growth of hair. Try these hair growth tips and you will definitely  get your lost hair in three weeks.

  1.  Shikakai
  2.  Onion
  3.  Red Pepper
  4.  Safflower Oil
  5.  Ginseng
  6.  Chinese Yam
  7.  Red Pepper
  8.  Grape Seed Extract
  9.  Saw Palmetto
  10.  Basil Extract
  11.  Pumpkin Seed
  12.  Buddleja Davidii Extract
  13.  Green Tea
  14.  Aloe Vera
  15.  Onion
  16.  Dong Quai
  17.  Shou Wu
  18.  Psoralea Seeds
  19.  Mulberry
  20.  Chinese Yam
  21.  Foxglove Root
  22.  Wolf Berry
  23.  Cornus and lycium fruit

Other Hair Growth Tips

FDA approved of Minoxidil is one of the treatments for hair loss. It is considered as the only anti-baldness product approved for women. It improves the growth of hair, especially if your problem is hereditary. This formula comes in cream and spray form which you can  directly apply on your scalp two times a day.

You can also try using Propecia (finasteride). It is an oral prescription pill. It stops hair loss and provides stimulation for new hair growth. It is important that the sufferer will use Propecia pills regularly in order to benefit from it. Propecia works  for  long term,  but once you discontinue taking  Propecia pills, there is a tendency that you will lose the hair that you just earned just  within  a year of stopping the treatment.

Rogaine is, another treatment for hair loss which is alcohol-based and is applied to the problem area twice a day. Study shows that about 25% of men and 20% of women grew back their hair in moderate amounts, especially on the top of their heads.

Hair Growth Tips-Shampoos That Serve as Hair Care Remedies

Another hair restoration treatment option is using hair care products like shampoos that improve the growth of hair and in a way  provides  good hair care. These shampoos are Life Extension Shampoo, Revivogen, Tricomin, Dr. Proctor’s Hair Regrowth Shampoo, Viviscal, Hair Genesis, Thymuskin, Nisim and Nizoral. These shampoos also liven up the color of you hair may it be blonde, red or black hair.

Hair Plus Combo (Shampoo and Conditioner) ‚Äď It offers an average increase of hair growth of over 123%. This could be achieved after 28 days of using this shampoo.

Using Laser hair transplant method is also another option for you . Many people resort to laser treatment which is usually done in hair clinics. However, there are now laser treatments that you can  use even in the comfort of your  own home. Lasertron brush is a very popular product used today which acts as laser treatment. You will be able to see fast  hair growth within 3-4 months.

You can also  use  essential oils like lavender, cedar, wood, rosemary and thyme. Once you combined these altogether, this will turned out as an excellent hair growth treatment since they promote fast hair growth. Combine all the ingredients in equal amounts and apply little drops of the mixture to your hair and scalp  areas each night and then gently massage your scalp for 3-5 minutes. These are the most effective hair growth tips that really work.

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